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Libby Floyd Ancestry

My mother's family, unlike dad's, consists of poor records. We can trace one side of the family back to American Indian heritage in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia.

Staton and Libby Entsminger, 1949

Judith Gilbert Floyd, Libby’s grandmother (my great-grandmother)

~ 1873

Photos suggest that Libby’s grandmother was also of American Indian heritage. Her name was Judith Gilbert (Floyd) and was born in 1857 in either Amherst County, or Rockbridge County, Virginia.  She died before 1892 in either Amherst or Rockbridge County.


She married Benjamin Floyd March 22, 1873 in Amherst County.


Benjamin Floyd was born May 4, 1852 in Amherst County and died ~1920 in Amherst or Rockbridge County.


Benjamin's parents were John Floyd (b: 1843) and Mollie Beverly (b: 1847).


John's parents were Samual Floyd (b: ~1770 in Amherst County; died after 1850 in Amherst County) and Eliza Hartless. She was born in 1816, probably in Amherst County, and died after 1880, probably in Amherst County.


Mom's dad's full name was Benjamin Frank Floyd, born August 18, 1889 and died July 1956 in Rockbridge County. Her mother was Gertrude Clark, who died ~1941 in Rockbridge County. Her line of descent is unknown.